I am graduating from RMIT carrying with me on my back the title of Bachelor of Games Graphics Design

I enjoy doing 3d Art and have a high finesse in 3d Studio Max, and I occasionally dabble in animation.
I also am a 2d Artist, though a novice, I try and draw and sketch when I can. I make textures for my 3d Models as well however.

I enjoy designing and creating games, and I usually take the role of as the technical designer in game projects. I deal with the mechanics of a game, the overall aesthetics and looks, as well as the programming and it's implementation.

To date I have worked in: Unreal 2, Unreal 3, UDK, Unity and a bit of Torque 2D. I am familiar with C, C++, C#, Javascript, and Unreal Script.

If you're interested in taking me onto your team, and would like my CV... Well you're in luck! Here it is!

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